Đề thi thử tốt nghiệp THPT Quốc gia môn Tiếng Anh năm 2022 – Đề 22

Blog chia sẻ Bộ đề thi thử tốt nghiệp THPT Quốc gia môn Tiếng Anh năm 2022, giúp bạn ôn luyện và chuẩn bị cho thật tốt cho kì thi sắp tới.

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Môn Tiếng Anh là môn thi thứ 3 diễn ra trong kỳ thi tốt nghiệp THPT Quốc gia. Đây là môn thi bắt buộc và có vai trò rất quan trọng trong việc xét tốt nghiệp và xét tuyển vào các trường Đại học – Cao đẳng. Dưới đây là bộ đề thi thử tốt nghiệp THPT Quốc gia môn Tiếng Anhnh năm 2022, giúp các em đạt kết quả cao trong kì thi sắp tới. Cùng Tailieufree cập nhật nhanh chóng nhé!

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest.

1.A. advises         B. raises                      C. devises                   D. goes

2.A. rose               B. lose                         C. close                       D. chose

Choose the word (A, B, C or D) that has different stress from that of the rest.

3. A. express        B. effort                        C. office                      D. comment

4. A. economic     B. experience              C. entertainment       D. introduction

5. A. history          B. depression              C. invention                D. completely

Choose the answer (A, B, C or D) that best completes each of the following sentences.

6.  He has just come back from London, ________is the capital of England.

A. that               

B. which           

C. where              

D. in which

7.  No one can predict the future exactly. Things may happen _______.

A. expected      

B. unexpected       

C. expectedly    

D. unexpectedly

8.  Ms Young, to _______ many of her students, are writing, is living happily and peacefully in Canada.

A. who

B. whom

C. that

D. whose

9.  After a few decades of the economic reforms, Vietnam has increased the living _______ of people.

A. surfaces        

B. standards         

C. levels       

D. backgrounds

10.  In five more minutes, they_______for three hours on the phone.

A. are talking    

B. have talked            

C. will have been talking            

D. will talk

11.  Nam: What do you think about his story? – Tan: ____________, it’s not true.

A. In my opinion             

B. I know                  

C. According to me        

D. I don’t think

12.  If she _______ the train last night, she _________ here now.

A. took / were                              

B. were taking / is      

C. had taken / would have been     

D. had taken / would be

13.  _______ speaking, I do not really like my present job.

A. Honest          

B. Honestly                

C. Honesty                 

D. Dishonest

14.  A letter of _______ is sometimes really necessary for you in a job interview.

A. recommend            

B. recommended       

C. recommender         

D. recommendation

15.  _______ if he comes late?

A. What you would do                        

B. What would you do  

C. What will you do                             

D. What you will do

16.  Some days of rest may help to _______ the pressure of work.

A. reduce          

B. lower

C. chop

D. increase

17.    A _______ is an official document that you receive when you have completed a course of study or training.

A. vocation       

B. subject                    

C. certificate               

D. grade

18.  John: What a nice watch you are wearing, Mary! – Mary: ___________________.

A. Thank you. I hope you like it.         

B. I don’t think it’s nice

C. No, I don’t think so                        

D. Oh, that’s right

19.  He is very worried _______ his new job because he is not quite prepared _______ working.

A. on / over       

B. to / off

C. about / for

D. in / at

20.  Mai: Can you lend me some money, Lan? – Lan: __________________.

A. I don’t have any money                  

B. Certainly. Here you are.

C. No, I can’t                                       

D. Yes, I can

21.  If I _______ 10 years younger, I _______ the job.

A. am / will take                                   

B. was / have taken

C. had been / will have taken               

D. were / would take

22.  When I _______ up this morning, my roommate _______ already.

A. am waking / leaves                          

B. wake / has left       

C. woke / had left                                 

D. was waking / left

23.  I think we ___________ from her soon.

A. hear                                                  

B. will hear                

C. have heard                                        

D. will have heard

24.  Robert wanted to know if I would leave the _______ Friday.

A. following      

B. ago                         

C. previous                 

D. before

25.  He is the man _______ car was stolen last week.

A. whom           

B. that                         

C. which                     

D. whose

26.  It is of great ______ to show your interest and politeness when you are having a job interview.

A. importance   

B. important     

C. importantly            

D. unimportant

27.  _____ instructed me how to make a good preparation for a job interview.

A. John Robbins to that I spoke by telephone                        

B. John Robbins, that I spoke to by telephone

C. John Robbins, to who I spoke by telephone                      

D. John Robbins, whom I spoke to by telephone

28.  She is the eldest in her house, so she has to look _________her brother when her parents go out.

A. for

B. at

C. up

D. after

29.  A taxi crashed into __________ tree. _________driver was badly injured.

A. a / a               

B. a / the          

C. the / a                     

D. the / the

30.    The economic renovation in Vietnam _______in December, 1986 by the Vietnamese Communist Party.

A. initiated        

B. was initiating         

C. was initiated          

D. had initiated

Choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) for each of the following questions:

31.   “What did you do last weekend, Tim?” Alice asked.

A. Alice asked Tim what did he do last weekend.

B. Alice asked Tim what he had done last weekend.

C. Alice asked Tim what he had done the previous weekend.

D. Alice asked Tim what had he done the previous weekend.

32.  People say that Vietnamese students are not well-prepared for their future jobs.

A. Vietnamese students are said not to be well-prepared for their future jobs.

B. Vietnamese students are said to be not well-prepared for their future jobs.

C. Vietnamese students say not to be well-prepared for their future jobs.

D. Vietnamese students say to be not well-prepared for their future jobs.

33.  “Why don’t you ask the teacher for help?” Peter asked me.

A. Peter advised me to ask the teacher for help.

B. Peter recommended me not to ask the teacher for help. ,

C. Peter told me the reason why I did not ask the teacher for help.

D. Peter suggested that he should ask the teacher for help.

34.  If it does not rain tomorrow, we will water the garden.

A. Unless it rain tomorrow, we will water the garden.   

B. Unless it does rain tomorrow, we will water the garden.

C. Unless it rains tomorrow, we will water the garden.

D. Unless it rains tomorrow, we will not water the garden.

35.  Because he came to class late, the teacher punished him.

A. The teacher punished him if he came to class late.    

B. The teacher would punish him if he came to class late

C. The teacher would not punish him if he did not come to class late.

D. The teacher would not have punished him if he had not come to class late.

36.  Qualifications and experience / two elements / help us / get good jobs easily.

A. Qualifications and experience are two elements help us get good jobs easily.

B. Qualifications and experience are two elements helping us get good jobs easily.

C. Qualifications and experience are two elements which helps us get good jobs easily.

D. Qualifications and experience are two elements helped us get good jobs easily.

Listen and choose the best answer.

37. Producers of video games are keen on __________.

A. finding the best ways of continuing to attract people

B. developing computer techniques in making such games

C. learning about drug to which people are addicted

D. designing ways

38. The people who are most attracted to video games are __________.

A. young adult women

B. boys from eight to fifteen years old

C. girls between eight and fifteen

D. supermarket assistants

39.   __________have different attitude towards playing video games.

A. Adult men and women

B. Boys and girls from eight to fifteen

C. Girls and boys above eight

D. Girls and boys below eight

40. The addiction to video games can be so powerful that it can __________.

A. separate boys from girls

B. make people relaxing

C. destroy people’s instincts

D. make people physically ill.

41.   Compared with boys of the same age, girls are __________.

A. more intelligent than boys

B. more addicted to video games

C. more concentrated on video games

D. less affected by video games

Choose the word or phrase that best fits each space in the following passage

 Many people love boats. Going out on the water on a warm summer day is a lot of fun. (42) _______  ,different people like different kinds of boats. Two of the most popular kinds of boat are sailboats and speedboats. Sailboats use the (43) _______to give them power. They only have small engines. In contrast, speedboats have large engines and go very fast. Furthermore, speedboats are usually not as (44) _______ as sailboats. Speedboats are small so that they can go fast. Sailboats, on the other hand, are big so that they are more comfortable. ( 45) _______, sailboats can travel into the ocean, but this would be very dangerous in a speedboat. You can only use speedboats on rivers or lakes.

42.   A. However      B. Although                C. Because                  D. Unless

43.   A. water            B. speed                      C. weather                  D. wind

44.   A. small             B. fast                         C. warm                      D. big

45.   B. Unfortunately    B. At first              C. In addition             D. Except for

Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D

 Diwali is a main Hindu festival. It is known as the “Festival of Lights”. It makes the victory of good over evil. In other words, lights are symbols of victory of brightness over darkness. People in India turn on lamps in every house and watch firecrackers in the night sky. These lights are a way showing honor to the gods of India for giving the people health, knowledge, riches and peace.

 On the day of Diwali, children get up at 3:00 a.m and take a bath. They dress up in festival clothes, light up the candles and share sweets. There is competition among the children to light the first firecracker and to make the loudest noise. Soon, the whole sky is bright. Children seem to have the most fun during this festival.

46.  What does the passage mainly discuss?

A. Unity among the people in India    

B. A way that children in India have fun

C. How a festivnbsp;                               

D. The meaning of lamplighting and firecrackers in India.

47.  The world honor in the first paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to

A. pride             B. respect                    C. satisfaction             D. understanding

48.  All of the following are true of the festival EXCEPT_______.

A. giving thanks to Gods

B. lighting up candles

C. exploding firecrackers

D. having sports competition between children

49.  The author’s main purpose in paragraph 1 is

A. to show different types of lights in Diwali

B. to point out that the Diwali is an unusual holiday

C. to explain the meaning of Diwali

D. to give evidence that Diwali is celebrated at night

50.  Why does the author mention children in paragraph 2?

A. To focus that Diwali is a noisy festival

B. To indicate that children enjoy the holiday of Diwali a lot

C. To explain that the Diwali is a time for competition

D. To indicate that the holiday is dangerous for children


Question 1. D

Question 11. A

Question 21. D

Question 31. C

Question 41. D

Question 2. B

Question 12. D

Question 22. C

Question 32. A

Question 42. A

Question 3. A

Question 13. B

Question 23. B

Question 33. A

Question 43. D

Question 4. B

Question 14. D

Question 24. A

Question 34. C

Question 44. D

Question 5. A

Question 15. D

Question 25. D

Question 35. D

Question 45. C

Question 6. B

Question 16. A

Question 26. A

Question 36. B

Question 46. C

Question 7. D

Question 17. C

Question 27. D

Question 37. A

Question 47. B

Question 8. B

Question 18. A

Question 28. D

Question 38. B

Question 48.D

Question 9. B

Question 19. C

Question 29. B

Question 39. A

Question 49. C

Question 10. C

Question 20. B

Question 30. C

Question 40. C

Question 50. B

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